A guide to the most comfortable, convenient, and stress-free experience with CEREC “same-day dentistry”

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These technologies include CEREC “one visit crowns.”

What do you mean by “one-visit crowns?”

Crowns are a type of restorative dentistry treatment. Our dentists recommend they rebuild teeth damaged in some way, either by decay, fractures, or other types of trauma. Versatile dental crowns may even fit on top of existing, prepared tooth structures to correct large cosmetic cases (such as very misshapen or worn-down teeth). Or, they may be used to replace teeth (as part of a dental bridge or dental implant-supported prosthetic).

Typically, crowns require at least two visits to the dentist’s office. During the first visit, the natural tooth is “prepared,” cleaned, and reshaped, and information about the tooth is collected to make the dental crown. This information is sent to the outside lab tasked with making the crown. While the permanent crown is made, a temporary one protects the prepared tooth. The temporary is removed, and the permanent is secured to the tooth during a return appointment. It usually takes around two weeks for a lab to make the crown.

At Alpine Family Dental, we have eliminated the wait and the follow-up visit. Our team can handle every aspect of the crown process in-house. Since we have the technologies and know-how to prepare, design, make, place, refine, and re-make (as needed) crowns, the “middle-man” (the dental lab) is eliminated. Our approach to dental crowns provides the ultimate in convenience and quality control.

What to expect

If a dental crown is appropriate to restore the strength and health of your tooth, Dr. Olson will start by removing decay from the tooth. After the tooth is cleaned and reshaped, we use non-invasive and comfortable digital technologies to scan the prepared tooth. This digital impression is used by specialized computer-aided CEREC software to create a 3-dimensional model of the tooth. Our dentists use this model to design your crown. After the crown has been precisely made to your specifications, an onsite milling machine carefully shapes it from a block of aesthetic and strong dental ceramic. In just minutes, your crown may be secured to the tooth – no temporary is necessary!

All of these functions are completed while you wait. Furthermore, we can make any adjustments in moments. Additional trips are not needed to refine or replace the permanent crown.

Experience the benefits of CEREC same-day dentistry and the Alpine Family Dental difference. From decidedly “relaxing” comforts (like cozy blankets and wireless headphones) to sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, we strive to support the most pleasant process and environment in everything we do. Call (406) 393-8877 to schedule your visit to Alpine Family Dental in Kalispell, MT, today.

Cerec Crowns

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