Finding the Relief, You Need with Safe Oral Surgery

While you may do your best to stay on top of your oral health, accidents, and other issues can still create situations where you need immediate dental care. For example, you may experience a cracked tooth while eating. Incidents like this can cause significant pain and stress, but don’t worry! At Alpine Dental, Dr. Evan Olson can save your smile using the latest advancements in dental surgery.

Understanding Oral Surgery 

At Alpine Family Dental, Dr. Olson performs single and multiple-tooth extractions. He has a wealth of experience and has undergone extensive training in various oral surgery procedures. We also offer bone grafting and a range of hard and soft tissue treatments to meet your surgical needs. For those who prefer a more relaxed and comfortable experience during surgery, we offer IV sedation.

With his friendly, confident, and knowledgeable approach, Dr. Olson is well-equipped to manage complex conditions, ensuring patients receive the best care.

Join the Alpine Family Dental

At Alpine Family Dental, you and your family will feel at home as our practice embodies small-town values that ensure every patient feels cared for and at ease. To help accomplish this goal, we offer excellent amenities such as soft blankets, Netflix, and wireless headphones to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

To learn more about our dental surgery services, please call us at (406) 393-8877 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Olson. Our address is 101 Westview Park Place, Kalispell, MT.