Reclaim your life and prevent dire complications of apnea-related problems

Alpine Family Dental not only takes smiles to new heights of beauty; our team in Kalispell, Montana, also elevates patients’ overall health and quality of life. We do so with considerable advanced knowledge in disciplines such as dental sleep medicine. In fact, Dr. Evan Olson distinguishes himself as a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. This is the highest credential awarded by the ABDSM for those dentists who practice sleep medicine. 

Dr. Olson has demonstrated training through both the prestigious Spear Education and the ABDSM’s Mastery Continuum Program. As such, we have a unique level of trusted onsite capabilities and expertise to accurately detect and effectively resolve many sleep-related conditions. 

What is dental sleep medicine?

Dentists like Dr. Olson not only focus on protecting and restoring the condition and health of the teeth and gums. They are experts in oral and maxillofacial anatomy and function. As such, these qualified professionals can address conditions that transcend the appearance and state of the smile; for instance, persistent fatigue, frequent headaches, disruptive habitual snoring, and mood, and cognitive disturbances may be rooted in poor airway function and airway-related abnormalities. 

What does airway health have to do with my sleep?

When you sleep, air should pass through the airway with no resistance. It should move freely and properly oxygenate the tissues, organs, and systems of your body. When there are anatomical issues or functional problems with the airway, it can give rise to a whole host of potentially dangerous and distressing complications. Notably, the surrounding tissues may become so lax during sleep that they partially or fully block the airway. When this happens, you can’t breathe in a healthy, uninterrupted manner. As an act of self-preservation, your brain “panics” and reawakens you several times in order to restart breathing. This process repeats itself over and over again during sleep. Since it occurs during sleep, you may not realize this is happening until a professional like Dr. Olson brings it to your attention.

What are some signs of problems with breathing during sleep? 

As indicated, snoring may be secondary to the condition described in the answer to the preceding question: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The snoring that accompanies OSA is particularly loud (typically). It is also distinctive from primary snoring, which is not associated with an underlying condition due to the presence of other characteristic symptoms, such as accompanying gasping and choking. These latter signs are also indicative of continuous interruptions in breathing and your body’s sudden and ongoing need to reawaken itself – with a start. 

This doesn’t sound like something we should sleep on. What options do I have to address suspected sleep apnea?

You’re right! If you suspect sleep apnea may be to blame for things like unexplained chronic fatigue and sleeplessness, you need to contact us right away. It is essential to understand what may be responsible for your concerns. With an accurate diagnosis in hand, our highly knowledgeable and skilled dental sleep medicine practitioner, Dr. Olson, will be able to recommend appropriate care. Today’s therapies range from custom oral appliances that reposition the tongue, jaw, and other tissues to CPAP

Scheduling an evaluation is the first step to reclaiming your quality of life and avoiding the “worst” complications associated with a chronic lack of proper oxygenation during sleep. Heart disease, stroke, and workplace or road accidents are just a few of the dire health effects and risks associated with unaddressed sleep-related breathing disorders or sleep-disordered breathing. 

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