Save Your Tooth and Lose Your Pain with Root Canal Therapy

Far too many people ignore tooth pain, hoping it will go away. Unfortunately, some forms of tooth pain, such as severe tooth infections, won’t go away without medical intervention. An infected tooth can be quite painful and lead to the loss of the tooth and sometimes serious health issues should the infection spread. At Alpine Family Dental, we want you to enjoy a lifelong, healthy, and vibrant smile which is why Dr. Evan Olson provides safe and effective endodontic therapy, such as root canal treatment, to help save your tooth and relieve your pain.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy can provide much-needed relief if you’re experiencing tooth pain due to an inflamed or damaged pulp. This procedure is commonly required due to deep decay or trauma to the tooth. The infected or inflamed pulp tissues are carefully removed, and the chamber is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

The pulp chamber and root canal are then sealed, and the cavity is filled and restored with a CEREC one-visit crown, an all-in-one visit with Dr. Olson. You won’t have to make multiple trips to the dentist’s office. Trust us to take care of your root canal therapy and leave your tooth pain behind!

The Dangers of an Untreated Infected Tooth

It’s easy to dismiss a small scratch as insignificant, but the same cannot be said for a toothache resulting from a tooth root infection. If you’re experiencing a persistent, throbbing toothache, you must seek prompt dental attention, particularly if your gums are swollen.

Ignoring a tooth infection can result in the spread of infection throughout the body, leading to severe health issues. While our teeth and gums may seem small, neglecting their care can significantly impact our overall health. In rare instances, the infection may even travel to the heart, causing endocarditis or brain, creating a condition known as bacterial meningitis.

When it comes to a tooth infection, it’s best never to take chances. Your oral health is directly connected to your overall health, which is why it’s so essential that your address all dental concerns with Dr. Olson immediately.

Experience the Alpine Difference

At Alpine Family Dental, we are committed to honoring those small-town values, such as compassion, hospitality, and trust, that set us apart from other practices. Just because our office is clean and sterile doesn’t mean you can’t feel the warmth of our hospitality. When you visit our office, you’ll be treated to various creature comforts like Netflix, soft blankets, and wireless headphones.

These small touches, plus the friendly attitudes of our fantastic staff, will make you feel just like family. To find out more about how root canal therapy can help your situation, please call (406) 393-8877 to set up your consultation with Dr. Olson. Our address is 101 Westview Park Place, Kalispell, MT.