Dental Sedation allows patients to receive their needed dental care while remaining comfortable. Most patients have some form of fear or anxiety associated with dental treatment. At Alpine Family Dental, we strive to maintain an environment where patients remain relaxed throughout their appointment. We are able to tailor the appropriate form of sedation to your needs. The following sedation options are available in our office:

Inhalant Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous Oxide is a sedating gas combined with oxygen to make you feel more comfortable during dental treatment. A small mask is fitted over the patient’s nose, allowing them to breathe freely. Most patients on Nitrous Oxide experience a feeling of well-being. Nitrous Oxide has a rapid onset, and its lack of lingering effects allows patients to drive home with no lasting effects.

Oral Sedation:

We understand that anxiety and fear are common hurdles for many patients preparing for their upcoming visit with us. Our dentists put a particular focus on making every patient’s visit a comfortable and positive one. We are happy to offer oral sedation to patients seeking a more relaxed, comfortable dental experience. Our dentists will discuss how this form of sedation will be administered prior to your appointment. At this time, you can discuss any concerns you have about this process or ask any questions. You will be able to talk about past experiences which have led you to inquire about sedation dentistry. By thoroughly communicating your feelings to our team, we will be able to form a complete picture of the care you need.

Oral sedation works by having you take a sedative medication orally about an hour before your procedure begins. Oral sedation will make you groggy, but you will still be able to communicate with your dentist when necessary. Because oral sedation will affect your motor skills, you will need to have a ride home lined up.

Intravenous (Iv) Sedation:

IV conscious (moderate) sedation is safe and effective. Unlike pills taken orally, the drug(s) are administered incrementally to their ideal effect. Patients are still able to respond to verbal or light tactile stimuli, as regulated by the Montana Board of Dentistry.  Although patients aren’t “put to sleep,” most patients are so relaxed that they doze through their appointment. Additionally, most patients have partial or total amnesia. Dr. Eller underwent more than one hundred hours of specialized training in IV conscious sedation in 2014 and certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). He continues his education on IV Sedation and has an expanded license through the State of Montana.

Needle phobic? Don’t worry. We provide inhalation anesthesia, known as Nitrous Oxide, to make the patient comfortable during the IV placement.

Dr. Olson and Dr. Eller work together to determine the best option for IV conscious sedation based on each patient.

* Some patients with remarkable dental anxiety or certain medical conditions require levels of sedation deeper than we are licensed to provide. In this case, we utilize a Dentist Anesthesiologist in our office.