Infants born with lip and tongue tie may be inadequately breastfeeding, experiencing poor weight gain and reflux, overly fussy, or causing painful symptoms for mom. Lip/tongue ties are congenital conditions affecting 10-20% of newborns Treatment may be advised if the frenulum (small fold or excess tissue beneath the tongue or between the upper lip and gum) is too tight and impeding proper breastfeeding. Conserv tive remediation via our CO2 laser ultimately restores the normal breastfeeding relationship between mother and infant.  Compared to less expensive lasers, the CO laser works quickly and at a very cool temperature. 

Dr. Olson took over for Dr. Eller in April of 2022. As a father himself, he relates to the importance of successful breastfeeding and how ankyloglossia treatment can be beneficial. Dr. Olson has attended advanced training with Martin Kaplan and Peter Vituk, the developer of the CO2 laser as well as completing extensive online training with Dr. Richar Baxter and shadowing Dr. Eller. Bring your infant in for a complimentary examination. If treatment is indicated, we can offer same-day care in most cases.